Companies can still tout their own virtues, but client testimonials hold our collective feet to the fire. They kill off hyperbole. What you say about yourself had better match with what your clients say about you. We love our clients and, according to them, they love us!





If you are looking for an agent, look no further. In fact, you get a whole team working for you! As a first-time home buyer, I was recommended by my sister who used Domicile to purchase her place in SF recently as well. I worked primarily with Shane but also consulted with Patti and Julie for different perspectives and experiences. Their combined experiences really do help provide perspective on home buying in SF since the each bring their individual experiences and thoughts to the table so you can get multiple angles on a situation which would be hard to get when working with one individual. And, this is a full service shop with strategic vision to help you position yourself best once you identify a place you want. For example, whom should you get pre-approved with for financing? They can connect you with the right people and explain the importance of having certain banks over others in your pocket to strengthen your offer. As a buyer, I was a bit unsure of what type of property I wanted (condo, single family home, fixer-upper); so, the team was patient with me and sent along different properties to me as I browsed. With Domicile I placed two offers, and navigating the process of executing an offer and all the associated paperwork after your offer is accepted is a key (and extremely important) area where Domicile excels. In my second offer (first one was excessively outbid) we agreed to put an offer in an hour before the sellers were going to counter another offer they had on the table, and a few hours later, my offer was accepted! Now, with the clock ticking, Shane, Julie, and Patty provided valuable insights throughout the closing process. In addition, my particular case involved a tenant-occupied property, and the team took great initiative to make sure that all of my concerns were addressed to ensure that the property would be easily occupied (by me) if purchased including helping me to evaluate a couple of lawyers in this area. Between Domicile and the financing team that Domicile connected me with, I had the utmost level of confidence that all the important details were being addressed during closing. As I said earlier, my sister recommended Domicile to me, and if I had another sibling, I would recommend them to him or her as well. You will truly enjoy working with the Domicile team.


David P.

Were you ever sad after closing your home purchase because it meant you would no longer get to work with your real estate agent? Crazy right? Who the heck gets misty over parting company with a realtor? You will if you work with Domicile. These guys (well really 2 gals, 2 guys and an extra-shaggy dog) are AWESOME. Just plain awesome. From start to finish Domicile will have your back and hold your hand and guide you through the rough and crazy road to home ownership. I selected them as my realtor based on their Yelp reputation (5 stars, come on!). I was skeptical at first (who has 5-stars across the board?) but as soon as I met with them for the first few consultations I knew they would be my first-choice realtor. With Domicile you get a whole TEAM working for you. They are professional and organized. They are super pragmatic and realistic (you need that when you’re dealing in the fantasyland known as Bay Area real estate). They have strong opinions, but they are good, intelligent and experienced opinions and they won’t push those opinions on you (which I like) but they’ll always give you their frank and honest assessment when you ask (which I _really_ like). We worked with them for 8 months looking for a new property and they were patient with us to the end. They never, ever tried to pressure us into anything we were uncomfortable with. They always were quick to point out the flaws and problems with a property just as they would highlight the positives. When my closing date got pushed back repeatedly (due to issues with our lender), Domicile even stepped up and offered to over the extra principal/interest owed to the seller (now that is standup service). If I win the lottery and get to buy another home, I’m totally using them again. And the cherry on top, if that happens, is that I’ll get to work with Patty, Julie, Shane, Bobby and the shaggy-dog-whose-name-I-can’t-remember again.


Wilson M.

As first-time home buyers, my wife and I were apprehensive about buying a house in San Francisco. We decided to give it a shot with Domicile on the glowing recommendations of our friends, and less than three months later we are moving into a house we love, and I can’t imagine a better experience. From the moment we talked to Shane and Patty and Julie until the day we closed on our new house, the whole process was smooth and stress-free, which is saying a lot in this town. They know the city like the back of their hands, and they were always ready to explain even the most basic detail of the process to us beginners. They paid attention to everything we told them (even when we weren’t sure what we were looking for) and they guided us through every step (even renovation) and gave us straightforward, honest feedback without once making us feel like we weren’t in total control of the situation. And when it came to making the offer on the house we wanted in a very competitive situation, they talked us through our offer and helped us feel confident about it. And I don’t know what kind of magic they pulled, but they got us the first place we wanted, and we never doubted they would. That’s the kind of confidence they inspire, even in a died in the wool skeptic like me. If you told me three months ago that buying a house in San Francisco would be as stress-free and calm an experience as it was, I would have laughed. But that was before I met these guys. They make it look easy.


Andrew P.

I honestly cannot even begin to come up with the right words to describe what an incredibly great experience I’ve had with the Domicile team. That’s the thing…when you work with them you’re not just working with one realtor – you’re getting three outstanding team members who each bring their own unique and highly impressive talents to the table. After many months of bleary-eyed property searches on-line, I decided to connect with a realtor to kick-start a home purchase. I pretty much had some things in sight, but really needed help and professional guidance, especially as a first time buyer. I did my obligatory Yelp search and with all the positive reviews for Domicile and after scoping out their website, I gave them a call. Julie was my ‘hook’, so to speak. After a 40 minute phone conversation with her (late afternoon on a weekend I should add), I absolutely knew that I wanted these people to be my partners in this undertaking. I sit here now writing this review and feeling very thankful that I took that step with them. Before I met with them in person to get things in motion, I thought to myself, “well, certainly they must be busy and one or two of them will probably work with me”. Nope – ALL three were involved in one form or another every step of the way. Their individual personalities and strengths seem to compliment each the other – its like some fantastic ‘skillset & personality puzzle’ and all the pieces fit together perfectly. Okay, you want some words? Here are a few that I attest to: Professional Dynamic Sincere Good-natured Frank Honest Insightful Experienced Concerned Engaged Protective Motivated Available Reliable and very fun.Patty, Julie and Shane all impressed me so much every step of the way. I loved Patty’s years of experience, knowledge, sage advice and almost psychic awareness of events as they were unfolding in the process of my purchase. Julie & Shane also seemed to have an uncanny ‘sense’ of things all along the way. They all really brought the kind of ‘realtor-home buyer’ relationship that I had hoped for and imagined in my head. If you need a realtor – do yourself a favor and just talk with them – you’ll end up with a true dream-team with Domicile.



Ben & Nicole

My wife and I would like to add another glowing review of the Domicile team. We were apprehensive first-time homebuyers that went in to discuss our six-month possibilities and ended up with a home in two months. Patty helped us pick our target neighborhoods and even mortgage brokers. Shane helped us see more possibilities in some homes we looked at, and worked us through a lot of negotiations once we got to the offer step. And Julie phased in for the offer package and closing process. Despite the slight separation of specialties, which doesn’t always appear to be the case, we felt as if each one knew us and our situation perfectly without reintroductions.It was a whirlwind of a process, but we are really happy with our home, and feel fortunate that we didn’t have the increasingly-common experience of getting outbid by someone buying in cash. It’s a tough buying market, but these guys calculated the terms that helped us edge out a virtual tie in the bidding. They will not make you overpay a cent but be straight about what gives you a worthwhile chance to get your home. And they know the type of terms that will be the best fit for your situation and be more attractive to sellers. So if you are on the edge about taking the plunge, give yourself an hour or two with them and take it from there!


Wesley S.

This is by far the best and most straight talking crew of realtors out there. We had very specific criteria for our housing search in terms of neighborhood (Mission Dolores) and style (modern), which is both hard to find and competitive when it comes on the market. The Domicile group has been in the business long enough that that can make the impossible a reality. We were competing against 7 other really strong bids and they came through for us because of their connections and reputation in the industry. No other realtor would have been able to pull this one off for use and we couldn’t be happier!


Natalie D.

Where to begin. I have been procrastinating on this review for a long time, and I think it is because I am actually sad that we won’t be in contact with this wonderful business on a daily basis anymore. The story: About a month and a half ago, my wife and I decided to look into buying a house. We had not even a speck of knowledge about what this would entail, but with positive attitudes and optimism galore, we decided to call Domicile, recommended to me by a friend. From the first phone call, I knew we were in the right hands.These real estate agents know their stuff. They have vast knowledge and endless experience, and patiently explained all they could to us. They literally spent hours and hours giving us the scoop, answering questions and listening to our concerns. It just so happens that our dream house was the very first house we looked at. Patty, Julie and Shane all took time out of their day to come and see it after I called them with out of breath excitement. They scrutinized it and used their trained eye to make sure we weren’t falling in love with a money pit. After their stamp of approval, and of course after viewing a few more houses over the weekend at their suggestion, I was even more certain. Long story short (cause it is LONG), we got the house- and there were a lot of offers. Do I think we would have gotten it without Domicile on our team? Absolutely not. Am I forever grateful to them? Most definitely. And the most important question: do I feel I got a good deal on a quality house? Hell yes. Everyone always says that it is a real estate agent’s job to make you feel like they are your best friend. Well, Domicile nails that, but also, they effortlessly pull off something even better. They genuinely want you to find a good, quality house. They really do want the best for you, and it shows.


Caricia C.

It’s just weeks after moving into a new house. I have a toddler and a full time job. So, it takes something truly amazing to make me want to write a yelp review instead of snuggle into bed. And, Domicile Properties is truly amazing. We found them through these Yelp reviews, so I guess we owe it to the Yelp community to add our 2-cents. My partner Anthony and I are now first-time homeowners thanks to the incredible staff at Domicile. There was a point there when I forgot that Shane Ray and I weren’t best friends because we spoke everyday and he advised me on everything from the quality of hardwood floors to potential elementary schools for my daughter to how to manage mortgage finances. Patty and Julie, the super senior sages at Domicile, were available day and night, week days and week nights. As newbies to this experience, we really needed experienced and professional people to help us through the process, literally educating us on every aspect of real estate. From the moment that we met them, we knew that this team was far beyond the type of real estate agents that might encourage you to buy a place that isn’t quite right. They are working for lifelong relationships, not sales. And… when we decide that we are ready to sell a home or friends/family need a recommended agent, we will go back to Domicile. So, in the end, being really good at your job and leaving even the most cautious home buyer happy, is the best kind of business that you can have.


Sian L.

I love them! What more can I say. I moved from London to San Francisco in November. I was referred to Domicile by a friend, we had an international skype introduction. They answered my questions easily. I used their online tools to narrow down my likes/dislikes/areas to consider. I arrived on a Sunday, on Monday I saw five places. On Tuesday I revisited two; made an offer on one and it was accepted that evening. Patty, Julie, Shane and Bobby then helped me through the process – I closed and moved in and am settled in my new ‘hood. Don’t even bother interviewing others. Seriously, they are the best experience I have ever had with real estate.


Patrick J.

I am not the easiest of clients: I change what I am looking at more than a puppy; I want things I can’t afford; I need more attention that a child. Team Domicile not only provided the expertise I needed to understand the SF market, but also held my hand throughout the entire buying process (and post as well). From uncovering issues with the deed, to providing design expertise and contractors, their team made buying and moving a pleasure not a hassle. I can guarantee I would have been lost without them. Not even a slight chance I would allow a friend or myself to use any other broker in SF.


Jason G.

The entire team at Domicile (Patty, Julie, Shane and Bobby) has been the most fantastic group of real estate brokers my wife and I have ever worked with. We relocated from Boston to San Francisco, and the prospect of buying and remodeling in San Francisco (not to mention coordinating everything with the sale of our Boston condo) was daunting. We could never have made it happen without the help of everyone at Domicile.We knew right away from our initial meeting with Patty that we had found the right broker for us. We were not first-time home-buyers, but knew nothing about the San Francisco market. Patty familiarized us with the market, helped us understand what was realistic in light of our budget, and didn’t seem the slightest bit fazed that we were trying to orchestrate the home-buying process while still living in Boston. We were in constant contact about our likes and dislikes, status of our Boston sale, mortgage referral (which Domicile helped set up), and expected move dates. As a result, when we came out to San Francisco for a whirlwind week of house-hunting, Shane brought us only to properties that fit our budget, preferred neighborhood, and other requirements. With the team’s help, we were able to do what we had thought would be impossible: saw several places we liked, put an offer in on the one we loved, and had it accepted — all within 24 hours. And Domicile’s help didn’t stop there — everyone on the team helped us get our inspection taken care of and our renovations underway, going above and beyond the call of duty by helping us pick paint colors (thank you Julie!) and finding a flooring contractor and painter, all while we were still living in Boston. Everything was simply effortless — definitely not a word I thought I’d use with respect to a cross-country relocation. And my wife and I could not be happier with our new place! As another reviewer said, if you’re looking for a broker stop right here. Don’t waste your time and call Domicile. Their personal and attentive service is second to none.


Frank S.

I just bought myself a house in San Francisco and I still can’t quite believe it. A few months back when I first started looking, I had no idea which realtor to use. I hopped on various websites and frankly didn’t know whom to trust, whom to believe — it all looked like a bunch of false blah blah from people desperate for my money — and most of them frankly creeped me out and/or had really bad hair and capped teeth. Full disclosure: I work in marketing so I’m afraid I’m hyper-sensitive to marketers whose sales pitch is all they got.I wanted an authentic real estate advisor who was over-the-top experienced in San Francisco (particularly in Upper Market) but also someone who was human and empathetic and nice, and who frankly has good taste (and isn’t going to show me a bunch of crap places that they pretend are great).So I hopped on Yelp and discovered Domicile. Talk about think different. Every single Yelp review was passionate and personal and yet you could tell there was an extreme professionalism there, with Patty Rogers at the heart of that business. So I drove over to Domicile and I met Patty, smart smart Patty. We hit it off, and she taught me everything I needed to know about San Francisco real estate — and there is so friggin much you need to know — she shared her 33 years of SF real estate experience (she started in 1978) so that I could make the right personal decisions for myself (and there are a whole bunch of decisions). She was my coach every step of the way. But she coached me based on how she got to know me — she gave me advice knowing what would be important to me, not her.And then I discovered Domicile is much more than Patty. At Domicile, you have the amazing Julie Rogers (Patty’s partner) who provides a constructive counterpoint to Patty (a check-and-balancing thing) plus Julie has great aesthete; you also have insightful Shane Ray whose advice Patty and Julie trust implicitly (he is a third counterpoint); and you have buttoned-up Bobby Bryce (who keeps them and you organized, emailing you docusigns day or night, at your convenience, because he knows you have a job and a life while you’re doing this crazy house-buying thing). Patty, Julie, and Shane become one integrated brain and advocate for you — three real-estate brains in one really — sometimes Patty will be there with you, other times it will be Julie or Shane. Wasn’t sure how this model was going to work, but let me tell you, it works amazingly well. And it makes you feel like you are being served in such a richer, deeper, more comprehensive way than if you just had one real estate agent representing you.And when I say “served”, that is exactly what I mean. Full service. They found me an amazing mortgage broker who found me a great CPA. They have strong relationships with insurance agents, contractors, handymen who all offer rates much much lower than I would have ever found on my own. And they go out of their way to help, whatever the strange situation is — Shane went to Best Buy to buy me a new flat screen TV for the new house because the seller’s built-in flat screen died during the closing process. It’s much more than a real estate agency; its a real estate concierge — and the most important service they provide is thought leadership customized to whatever your specific “dream house” is. And when you find the place you like best, you should see them work the process and the seller and the seller’s agent. So cool to watch people when they do something so well.So use them. Domicile. Now. While interest rates are this crazy low.